Used pair of Vintage atmosphere flats!
Worn possibly twice or even once. Never really liked them - trying to get rid! Please go look and bid only if interested :) Starting at price of 1.99 pounds! Baaaargain :D


Also selling my last years boots :D


Many Little Things - Part #2

As always I've been really busy with school and work occasionally work, hardly given myself anytime to sit down and do nothing. Today has been very sunny so I've decided to enjoy the last rays of the sun outside :)

Haven't worn the dress since summer, it felt nice instead of the everyday jeans.
Thank you for any hypes and comments - makes my day! :)

Today as I've been emptying my wardrobe sorting what to give for charity, ebay or throw away I've found a vest which I don't think I've worn before! So decided to give it a go and here is what I came up with:

Top: Bershka
Shorts: Second Hand (originally from topshop)
Shoes, Belt and Headband: Primark

Those shoes are going on auction on ebay, only worn once and decided they are too small for me :( In great shape, Ill post the link to the auction when I set it up, hopefully tomorrow with few older winter coats!
I'm really looking forward to tomorrow as I have more photos planned in a very unique and pretty place. I'll make sure to post them.

Thank you for reading as always, any comments are more them welcome! :)
Leave your blogs Im very happy to look at them, follow etc. Love finding new blogs to inspire me hehe.

:) xx

Shopping Bag!

Metallica - End of the line

This song have been following me for last few days. Its just so awesome and catchy, cannot wait for the new metallica album :)

So, on saturday I went shopping and was finally able to pay with my own money yeah \m/  Here is my shopping bag:


                                Dress - Second Hand
                                Cardigan - H&M
                                Bracelet - Primark

I've also got 2 belts, which I'm not going to post but i'll be surely wearing them soon as I found a great place for photos and I'm really exited about it - now just waiting for a sunny day :)

Just a quick update, nothing really happened lately :)
Stick around for new posts and photos. Thank you for all the comments and hypes on lookbook! love them all :D

Autumn Colours

Well hello :)
The last week has been really tough, I've had a lot to do at work as well as started six form and already had tonns of work to do :( The next two years look tough, but I'm sure I can make it. In other news I've booked tickets to see Volbeat on the 28th of October as my birthday present - very exiting as I love the band :D

Lately I've got some new clothes, but mostly I've been saving up. Posted 2 new looks on lookbook, feel  free to check them out! :

I'm in love with the skirt, even if it is a bit too see through :)
Here is some things that are on my 'must buy list' at the moment:
Blazer: New Look
Shorts: New Look
I love the sort of Brown-Yellow-Orange-Burgundy colours, they look great!

Today I went to a little local event with a lot of vintage cars, motorbikes, UniBikes races buses and so on. I want them all! Here's a few pictures that I took:

oh hello :)

Thank you so much for all the comments, they make my day! Keep commenting and leave me your blogs to look at, I'll be more then happy to look at them :)

Many Little Things.

[Polska wersja pod spodem, zapraszam]

Bonjour! I havent posted anything here for  few days (or it might have been a week) But I was so happy to see all of those comments and gave me motivation for another post. Thank you! :)
Many things happened in the last few days, the big news is - I got a job! I'm a waitress in a little restaurant in my village. It made me very happy and it means I can buy more clothes - I've already planned a little trip to new look on tuesday since the new collection there is just beautiful. Also the 'Chealsea girl' collection in River Island looks worth checking out.
At the moment I'm on a look out for a stripy top (slightly bigger black and white or black and blue) and one of those big vintage hats, either black or brown:

So nice! <3

On Saturday, I went out and took some photos. Whole concept was more of a dress-up with Mickey Mouse ears, dr martens, lightsaber and so on. It was such a nice day, couldnt have picked a better weather! Here are some photos from the day:

They came out awesome :) Thank you! Im really happy with them. Feel free to hype me on lookbook, I will love you forever :D 

Another little thing I want to mention is nails. I feel like my collection of nail vanishes has grown rapidly over the last few weeks, so I would like to share it. I'm planning on changing from green-white dots to blue-white dots. And I'm in love with manual focus on my camera... ah <3
I should start getting ready for work, thank you for all the comments I love them all :)

Bonjour! Nie dodawałam tutaj nic przez pare dni (bądź też tydzień) Było mi strasznie miło czytając wasze komentarze i dało mi to motywacje aby napisać kolejny wpis. Bardzo dziękuję! :)
Sporo się wydarzyło przez ostatnich pare dni, najważniejsze - dostałam pracę! Jestem kelnerką w małej restauracji w mojej wsi. Strasznie się ucieszyłam, bo oczywiście oznacza to ze mogę kupować więcej ciuszków. Już we wtorek mam zaplanowaną małą wycieczkę do new look'a, nowa kolekcja jest poprostu świetna. Także kolekcja 'Chealsea girl' w River Island wygląda ciekawie. Na dzień dzisiejszy poszukuję bluzki w paski (troszkę większej, biała w czarne pasy albo biała w niebieskie paski) i poszujuje także dużego kapelusza w starym stylu, czarny bądź biały (zdjęcie powyzej, zamieszczam też parę zdjęć z piątku)

Konceptem zdjęć było bardziej 'przebieranie się' - uszy myszki miki, miecz z gwiezdnych wojen i martensy :) Zdjęcia mi się podobają, bardzo dziękuję fotografowi :)

Chciałabym też wspomnieć o paznokciach. Przez ostatnie dni moja kolekcja lekko się powiększyła więc chciałabym ją zaprezentować. Planuję na zmianę niebieskie w białe kropki i obecnie kocham ustawienie manualne :3

Jeszcze raz dziękuję za wszystkie komentarze i powoli zbieram się do pracy ..
dzięki :) :*

So today I went shopping and came back with a lot of nice things! I forgot how nice the clothes in England are. The just in collection in new look is absolutely amaizing! I loved the 60's kind of dresses and all the blouses :)
Anyways! This is what I wore today:

Sorry for the quality, it seems my camera is having a rage at me. 
My auntie was kind enough to give me her Beatles tshirt, which im in love with. I love the band, but the tshirt is pretty cool too.  The skirt is actually my grandmas, but I have kindly stolen it and made smaller to fit me. I've always wanted a skirt like that one and never found one in shop that suited my liking so I was overwhelemed to find it in my grandma's wardrobe. The sailor jumper/blazer is from primark, Necklace from H&M. Shoes are a souvenir from Poland, same as the bag (which was bought second hand) and I just love the colour of both :)

And my shopping bag:

The little yellow bag I found in a charity shop, beautiful little thing. The skirt is a gift from my auntie, but sadly I can hardly fit inside it :( The strippy jumper with an Eiffel Tower I am in love with its is originally from topshop, but I also found it in a charity shop for only 4 pounds! The little mini skirt is from H&M and again the colour is amaizing.

Clothes rant over. No Polish version this time :)

I've been looking for a use for this blog what seems like forever. I has always been a place where I can just post any photos that I take, because no one visits this blog, exept me. During the summer I went back to Poland, place that I was born and since I've had no internet (oh the 2 months were tough) I had some time to think things through. I came to the conclusion that actually writting something occasionally as well as photos will be just as good and make this rather boring blog more interesting for people visiting. 
A big step forward, for me at least, was that I have decided to make a lookbook account ( deciding on the username was tough, but what can be better then Stones? Well ...Beatles, but Yellow Submarine doesnt sound as good. I'm starting to like clothes a lot more and most important thinking about what I wear, what goes together well and so on. It's strange as usually it used to be band tshirt-jeans-dr. martens sort of thing. Dresses? Heels? Please. I guess everyone has to grow up some day.
I would like to thank my fellow cousin, Ania ( who is an awesome photographer (go look at her stuff!) for showing me lookbook in the first place. My parents' bank account may never remain the same, as my need for new clothes has dramaticly increased. Talking of photos, here are some that we have taken over the summer:

+ my main photo in the header
Again, thank you my lovely :)

Bardzo długo szukałam pomysłu na tego bloga. Od zawsze było to tylko miejsce gdzie mogę zamieszczać zdjęcia, bo i tak nikt nie wchodzi na tego bloga oprócz mnie. Podczas lata, wróciłam do Polski, do miejsca gdzie się urodziłam i jako że nie miałam internetu (To były ciężkie 2 miechy) Przemyślałam sobie pewne rzeczy. Doszłam do wniosku że pisanie tu od czasu do czasu i dodawanie zdjęć będzie dobrym pomysłem, aby sprawić że blog będzie ciekawszy dla ludzi którzy to przypadkiem trafią.
Dużym krokiem, przynajmniej jak dla mnie, bylo zalożeniem lookbook'a ( Pomysł na nazwę nie przyszedł tak łatwo, ale w końcu co może być lepszego od Stonesów? No może Beatlesi, ale 'Yellow Submarine' nie brzmi aż tak dobrze. Coraz bardziej podobają podobają mi się ciuchy, co więcej myślę o wiele więcej o tym w co jestem ubrana, co razem współgra itd. Zazwyczaj to wygląda bardziej w stylu koszulka z zespołem-dżinsy-martensy. Sukienki? Obcasy? Proszę was. No ale, chyba każdy musi kiedyś dorosnąć. 
Chciałabym bardzo podziękować mojej ukochanej kuzynce, Ani ( która jest świetnym fotografem (Przeglądać jej zdjęcia już!) za pokazanie mi lookbook'a. Portfele moich rodziców już nigdy nie będą takie same jako że potrzeba na nowe ciuchy u mnie tak strasznie podskoczyła. Co do zdjęć, tutaj zamieszczam kilka które zrobiłyśmy w wakacje (zdjęcia powyżej :>)