So today I went shopping and came back with a lot of nice things! I forgot how nice the clothes in England are. The just in collection in new look is absolutely amaizing! I loved the 60's kind of dresses and all the blouses :)
Anyways! This is what I wore today:

Sorry for the quality, it seems my camera is having a rage at me. 
My auntie was kind enough to give me her Beatles tshirt, which im in love with. I love the band, but the tshirt is pretty cool too.  The skirt is actually my grandmas, but I have kindly stolen it and made smaller to fit me. I've always wanted a skirt like that one and never found one in shop that suited my liking so I was overwhelemed to find it in my grandma's wardrobe. The sailor jumper/blazer is from primark, Necklace from H&M. Shoes are a souvenir from Poland, same as the bag (which was bought second hand) and I just love the colour of both :)

And my shopping bag:

The little yellow bag I found in a charity shop, beautiful little thing. The skirt is a gift from my auntie, but sadly I can hardly fit inside it :( The strippy jumper with an Eiffel Tower I am in love with its is originally from topshop, but I also found it in a charity shop for only 4 pounds! The little mini skirt is from H&M and again the colour is amaizing.

Clothes rant over. No Polish version this time :)

9 komentarzy:

  1. Buty i obie torebki są świetne! :)

  2. Sweterek i torbka bardzo urocza. Pozdrawiam :)

  3. Nice look, love the shoes:)

  4. Love your wedges. Seems like everyone else does too. And with good reason!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking all things French

  5. wszystko super!

  6. świetne botki, idealne na jesień :) pozdrawiamy!

  7. dzięki bardzo. :) koooooocham te buty, są prześliczne. a sweterek też uroczy, uroczy! :)